shoes for better posture, balance, and foot health

Getting older often means aching backs, loss of balance and bunions but we can change this! Zero drop and barefoot shoes that combine the ancient wisdom of nature and our ancestors with the benefits of modern technology can help!

*Featured picture is from Barefoot Ted’s footwear company Luna Sandals.*

Although a lot of the zero-drop, barefoot information comes out of the running movement, these shoes are great for non-running feet. Wear them for all occasions.

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My current favorite zero-drop, barefoot shoes are from vivobarefoot and earth runners. I am “lucky” enough to wear children’s sizing but adults have a lot more options from these brands.

I’ve worn a hole in the mesh of my vivobarefoot trail shoes and I’ve had to replace the elastic laces but I wear them everyday… even winter hiking with them on snow! Yes, my feet are frozen popsicles (barefoot style means very little between my foot and the cold ground) until my head starts sweating but then my feet warm up and stay warm.

* athletic and casual footwear for kids and adults
* sizes: EU 20-39
* company: london, england
* made in ethiopia
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* sandals & athletic shoes for kids and adults
* sizes: 12 kids-4Y
* company: broomfield, colorado, usa
* made in china

* athletic shoes for kids and adults
* sizes 10.5K-11W/15M
* company: rockford, michigan
* made in the usa & vietnam

* casual and athletic shoes for adults
* sizes 6.5-11W, 5-15M
* company: boulder, colorado, usa
* made in china

* casual and athletic shoes for kids and adults
* sizes EU 18-48 / 6.5K-14W/13M
* company: engelskirchen, nordrhein-westfalen, germany
* made in portugal from sustainable materials
* some cold climate models

earth runners
* casual, earthing, running sandals for kids and adults
* sizes K12-14M/16W (print sizing template for best fit)
* company: sebastopol, california, usa
* made in california, usa

shamma sandals
* sandals with straps for kids and adults
* company: santa cruz, california, usa
* made in santa cruz, california, usa
* they have their own unique sizing: don’t order your regular size!

luna sandals
* casual and athletic sandals for kids and adults
* sizes 12-3K, 4M/6W-13M/15W
* company: wenatchee, washington, usa
* made in usa & vietnam