email communication… 5 lessons learned

Sometimes the way I learn best is from others.

Recently a friend sent an email to a large group with a lovely note inviting us to join her for a long birthday weekend of skiing. Fun! After sending the note, my friend realized she forgot to include the dates. She then sent a new email with the dates added to the end of the original subject line but didn’t include the dates in the message. In my email system, I could not see the extended subject line and could not, therefore, see the dates.

The sender of the email could see the entire subject line in her email system and didn’t realize others may not have been able to see all the information.

Someone moved the dates to the beginning of the subject line and resent it to the email group and added her excitement for the event.

Lesson one:
subject lines need to be kept short

Lesson two:
subject lines need the most important info first

Lesson three:
new info needs to be added to the beginning of the original text

Lesson four:
everyone sees things differently in email and life

Lesson five:
asking questions to see other’s perspectives will help me communicate better and therefore build better connections

Every event in life is a lesson and opportunity for awareness.

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