naturally healthier socks

Need new socks for work, walking, running, hiking, skiing, biking… life? Want a healthier sock for your healthier lifestyle, ones made from natural materials instead of polyester plastic? Look for organic cotton and ethically sourced wool socks that come in every height, color, and style you can imagine.

The perfect healthy and eco-friendly sock is… no sock. A 100% organic cotton sock or 100% kind and chemical-free wool sock would be getting close to perfect but most wool and cotton socks are still blended with nylon plastic or polyester plastic to wick moisture away from the foot. How about those organic cotton socks with soft bamboo? Sadly, it is not as eco-friendly as it appears, since many toxic chemicals are needed to soften the tough fibers. Non-organic cotton, while not plastic, uses a ton of water and pesticides to grow. Then there is the recycled polyester, made from plastic bottles, that is marketed as sustainable but is still plastic. Even ethically sourced wool is not 100% kind as older sheep are sent to slaughter and shipped in unkind ways.

With that sad state of affairs, you’ve started looking up nudist colonies but decide that isn’t your path right now so you need socks! If you aren’t living barefoot all day (I wish!), let’s choose to support the healthiest, kindest, and most eco-friendly socks we can find. Go for organic cotton before wool and, for cold times that necessitate wool, choose companies that use more ethical sources.

These are the healthier, more eco-friendly options:

organic cotton
* zkano – made in usa, low impact dyes.
* pact – also available at whole foods
* earthhero – a variety of brands
* organicbasics – danish company
* celebration socks – organic cotton, recycled polyester, bamboo
* outerknown – plant dyes
* kotn – plastic-free packaging

recycled non-organic cotton
* solmate recycled cotton
* silver spun – recycled cotton and silver to inhibit bacterial growth

ethically sourced wool
* izzy lane – most ethical
* all bird
* smartwool
* patagonia