gifts for creative kids, free of plastics and toxins

bamboo “lego” building bricks from once kids
Know a kid who loves legos? Instead of more plastic legos, try bamboo legos that work with their existing legos. The noncolored bamboo blocks can be painted by the child.

Why try bamboo “lego” bricks instead? Did you know that 400 billion plastic blocks have been produced? The plastic we gift our kids now is plastic that pollutes our air, water, and land forever causing health issues for kids, ourselves, and animals. Buying used legos is another good option. However, if your child puts toys in their mouth stick with the bamboo building bricks that are non-toxic.

watercolor paints from narwaro and nova natural
Water color paints are endlessly creative but I cringe at those plastic trays and chemical colors. Non-toxic, plant-based watercolor paints in metal tins and made in Germany are a healthier options for children and their air, water and land.

stuffed animals and dolls from senger, under the nile, sigikid, and kallisto
Kids love stuffed animals! They are cute and soft, fun for imaginative play and huggable for sleep.

Did you know most are made of plastic and plastic is usually made of petroleum. Those tiny, soft threads of micro-plastics also come with amonia for softening, formaldehyde, flame retardants, AZO dyes that often contain heavy metals. Some plastics used to make toys are made of corn… corn sprayed with lots of pesticides.

To avoid exposing your child to microplastics and other harmful chemicals, look for wool, organic cotton, GOTS certification, reputable brands, and hadmade to avoid toxic glues. Read more here.