unique food gifts for healthier people and planet

Grandmas are queens of showing their love by pushing offering their delicious, but unhealthy, foods our way. Although we appreciate and enjoy grandma’s homemade offerings of love, let’s modernize the idea. To show our love and appreciation for family, friends, teachers, colleagues, employees, ourselves (am I the only one who buys my own gifts?) and the planet we can gift healthy food that says we want them to live a long and active life. Is there a better gift than one of health?

The following are my favorites! A bonus is that these gifts can be sent directly to the recipient… no wrapping involved on our end! Woo hoo!

photo from fruitshare

organic fruit club instead of a wine club membership, this gift is just as sweet and strengthens our immune system and sharpens our thinking.


photo shrimu

shrimu, beautiful, artisanal plant-based cheese for those you love but for whom dairy does not love.


photo from daily harvest

daily harvest, organic, pre-made meals in compostable bowls that are dairy-free and gluten-free for those busy types (is there an unbusy type?)


photo from patterbar

patterbars, whole food, dairy-free, gluten-free bars made in small batches in Denver, similar to Lara bars but taste WAY better! Select free gift wrapping at checkout.


photo from prolon

prolon for the person who is always looking to take their health to the next level and loves a good fast.