5 random items decluttered today

After spending months doing some big-time decluttering, I’ve moved into a new plan. Each day I find 5 items to declutter. Even though it seemed difficult to find 5 items quickly, I still see a lot of clutter. Ugh. What is left? It’s all the small stuff! Stuff I often ignore. Not today! Today I “sweat the small stuff” and get it out of here!

These are the 4 items I bagged today for the local thrift store (and one to compost):

  1. New sandals my mom gave me that don’t fit well.
  2. Mini hair clips and sticks that came with a plant but had been removed and were just sitting in the window sill… next to the plant.
  3. A working electric toothbrush handle and charger. We now use the power of our arms with bamboo brushes. And, my sensitive sensory child could not stand the whilrling electric brush on her teeth.
  4. Coin from Hong Kong that just kept getting moved here and there… for almost 4 years!
  5. Bank statement that I had stashed behind our kitchen chalkboard. It actually got shredded and went into the compost bucket.

What are you finding to declutter these days?