10 books to inspire a healthy, happy, beautiful home

Home is where it all starts. A home that is healthy, happy, and beautiful sets us up to create healthy, happy, beautiful lives beyond our homes. The following books have and continue to inspire me to take action towards creating a home that opens up space for enjoying time with others and having more time for what matters most to me.*

  1. decluttering at the speed of life
    * by dana k. white
    * self care perspective
  2. the joy of less
    * by francine jay
    * self care perspective
  3. lighty
    * by francine jay
    * self care perspective
  4. simply sustainable
    * by lily cameron
    * sustainable + efficient perspective
  5. essentialism
    * by greg mckeown
    * productivity perspective
  6. zero waste home
    by bea johnson
    * sustainable + french perspective
  7. goodbye, things
    * by fumio sasaki
    * japanese perspective
  8. home sweet maison
    * by danielle postel-vinay
    * french perspective
  9. at home with madame chic
    * by jennifer l. scott
    * french perspective
  10. lagom
    * by niki brantmark
    * swedish perspective

I enjoyed listening to, rather than reading, all of these books on either audible or scribd, except one. Simply Sustainable is best purchased in print because of all the gorgeous pictures and helpful charts.

The bonus of minimizing for health, purpose, and kinship: YouTube clips from Fumio Sasaki and Marie Kondo’s books.