7 ways to green our christmas trees

Did you know that most pre-cut Christmas trees are heavily sprayed with chemical pesticides? Bringing these trees into our homes means bringing chemicals into our homes and supporting farms that pollute our air and water with chemicals. Learn more here.

If you decorate your home with an indoor tree this December, which greener, more eco-friendly, version will you display?

  1. Reuse the fake tree(s) you already have.
  2. Second hand fake tree(s) from a thrift store, Next-door or Craigslist.
  3. House plant decorated with lights and ornaments, instead of buying a tree
  4. Cut your own tree in nature and help thin out the tree herds.
  5. Living trees that can later be planted
  6. Pre-cut trees grown without chemical pesticidesCreekside Nursery in Boulder/Niwot does not use chemical pesticides. I called them to confirm this, as they do not advertise this on their website.
  7. DIY or alternative tree. Ideas here, here and here. Use natural, reusable, and recyclable materials.