December outdoor holiday decor for a natural, simple, beautiful aesthetic

Strolling by homes decorated for the holidays can bring surprises and joy. They change the ordinary to something special. In the name of bringing cheer, we often get caught up in overusing our precious resources… time, money, and fossil fuels (for energy, plastics, synthetic materials). This year, let’s make the holidays extra green by creating a beautiful holiday that is simple and natural!

1. choose materials that can be composted… evergreen branches, twigs, dried fruit
2. skip the hot glue and use compostable string/twine (cotton, hemp, wool)
3. hang on doors, railings, garden boxes

pine cone ornaments
1. walk around the neighborhood or trail and collect pinecones
2. use wool (not synthetic) yarn to wrap around the pine cone
3. or slather with nut butter and roll in seeds for the birds
3. hang from trees and bushes with natural twine (cotton, hemp, wool)

1. reduce the amount
2. use warm white LED lights
3. use strings of lights with smaller bulbs
4. turn them off at night (timers are handy)
5. skip installing lights and spend time with your favorite people

evergreen yard gnomes
1. created from tomato cages and evergreen branches
2. use upcycled, compostable, and recyclable materials for accessories (most felt is synthetic)
3. retire the inflatable yard decor… made from synthetic materials that cannot be composted or recycled and waste energy
4. accessorize to match your holiday or activity (they don’t have to don red santa-esque hats)