14 fun and healthy ways to connect with friends and family, beyond the restaurant

We want and need time with others for our health and wellbeing. Dinner and drinks at a restaurant are great (good food, no cooking, no clean up) but aren’t always possible (thanks, covid) and aren’t always healthy (thanks, breadbasket and wine).

The following are healthy, outside the restaurant, ways I’ve enjoyed connecting with friends and family:

  1. Explore a new park/trail
  2. Join or start a group that meets regularly (activity, interest/hobby, important cause)
  3. Host an afternoon tea
  4. Watch kids/dogs play at a park/dog park
  5. Sign up for a weekend retreat
  6. Set up a zoom call with a purpose (books, health, knitting)
  7. Take a class online/in-person (yoga, pilates, meditation, writing, cooking, art)
  8. Start an accountability text thread (daily weigh-ins, sugar fast, steps)
  9. Plan a vacation (just the girls/guys or with another family)
  10. Volunteer (school, dog rescue, shelter, trash pick-up)
  11. Do an activity (dancing, fishing, tennis, paddle boarding, kyaking)
  12. Chat on the phone while walking the dog
  13. Share a meal at someone’s home without all the cooking
    (potluck or everyone orders their own take-out and one person picks it up)
  14. Cooking party (make pasta, individual pizzas, sushi)

What are your favorite healthy ways to connect with others beyond going out to restaurants/bars?