The coolest kitchen sponge you’ve never heard about!

Ok, you’ve probably heard of a loofah sponge, also spelled luffa, for exfoliating in the shower but guess what?! I prefer to use a loofah sponge in the kitchen. Loofah sponges make the coolest kitchen sponges!

Fun fact. Did you know that the loofah is actually a gourd (similar uses to cucumbers and squash) that grows on a climbing vine in tropical or subtropical areas? They don’t like the cold or swimming in the sea. This was news to me!

Why are loofah sponges so awesome?

  1. Easy to grip when wet, mold to your hand
  2. Comfortable to grip but rough enough for scrubbing
  3. Hold a soapy lather
  4. Made of plants, not plastic/synthetics
  5. Used in it’s natural (dried) form, not processed
  6. Compostable, zero waste
  7. Dries quickly due to the large air spaces so they don’t harbor stinky bacteria
  8. Looks beautiful with their natural design, texture, and color

My favorite kitchen loofah sponge is from Earth Hero:

The loofahs I buy come long, flat, and dry. I then cut them into smaller sizes. In our house, we rub them on an unscented bar of dish soap to wash and scrub pots, pans, cutting boards, dishes. If you use a sponge to clean your counters, these are not going to work well for that task. For surfaces, we use dishcloths (organic cotton or Swedish cellulose varieties) that can be washed and dried after each use or a day of use to prevent spreading bacteria.