My Favorite–Unconventional–Online Sources for Beautiful Home Inspiration

Being free of any social media accounts, Pinterest, Houzz, and Zillow had become my online warehouses for beautiful pictures of homes. Lately, however, I’ve noticed they are a little too “staged” and too “fish-eyed” for creating a cozy feel that brings me into a picture.

For those inviting, more “lived in” home scenes that you’ve seen here and there but couldn’t remember where I’ve compiled a list for us. Because sometimes we want a happy distraction that reminds us that life is beautiful and sweet but doesn’t come from watching or eating desserts.

INTERIOR NOTES (by Italian blogger & interior designer Mariana)

CLEVER (by architectural digest)

HOME TOURS (by architectural digest)

LOOKBOOKS (by dezeen)

IDEAS (by schoohouse)

SPACES (by schoohouse)

GALLERY OF LIVED IN HOMES (by schoolhouse)

HOW TO GUIDES (by schoolhouse)


HOME TOURS (by domino magazine)


OPEN DOOR (videos by architectural digest)

What are your favorite resources for beautiful home inspiration?