The Opposite of Addiction


While listening to Molly Carmel’s podcast with Michael Moss, I had an ah-ha moment when she said that the opposite of addiction is connection.

Although she didn’t explain it further, I wanted to explore what it meant to me.

Looking at the opposite of addiction as connection.

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One way to define addiction is a compulsion to continue engaging in a behavior, despite negative consequences. The opposite might be to choose engaging in a behavior that brings positive consequences.

Continuing to eat handfulssss of chocolate almonds every night (me, this week), despite feeling tired the next day, gaining weight, and vowing not to to do it again, sounds like an addiction. Choosing to eat a bowl of greens with beans (me, also this week) packed with nutrients that makes me feel good sounds like a connection between myself and my food (also the farmers, my husband who made the beans, the universe, etc).

Looking at the opposite of connection as addiction.

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Another way I might look at these is by starting with the idea of connection. Connection is the bond to that which gives us life… our bodies, mind, spirit, other people, food, water, air, nature, and the universe/God. Addiction is the breaking of that bond. Addiction disconnects us from our lives. Addiction are those repeated behaviors that disconnects us from our bodies, mind, spirit, people, food, water, air, nature, and the universe/God.

I am creating connection with my child when I listen to them. I am allowing my emotional addiction of anger to break the bonds with my child when I repeatedly yell when we are late.

I am creating connection with my food when I pay attention to what I am chewing. The opposite is my addiction to reading my phone while eating, which disconnects me from my food, the food that provides life.

Spending time walking and talking with friends or buy more stuff that I think will create a life I imagine.

What are some examples you are experiencing that make you feel connected or addicted and disconnected?