Two FrankenMonsters: Plastic and Processed Sugar

Concocted from a science lab to look like stuff we need and want, I’d say plastic and processed sugar are just FrankenMonsters.

Can we agree that neither promote health and wellbeing? Even so, we love them just the same.

Now that we’ve come to rely on them, it is really tough to ignore their siren calls of ease, familiarity, low cost and dopamine yumminess. “Rely” might be too tame. Deep desire and dependence probably better describe my relationship with plastic Papermate Black Flair Pens and Peppermint Patties (sugary crack wrapped in shiny plastic). I want them so, so bad! A refillable fountain pen and banana are great but until I make these healthier choices my norm, I really want to keep consuming those fun FrankenMonsters.

Photo from Rockler Classic Elite Fountain Pen Hardware Kit, Gold

Trying to go 100% plastic-free is like vowing to go 100% processed sugar-free. There are a few who have been able to achieve such magical greatness (Bea Johnson and Molly Carmel) but not me. Not yet. Oh, I’ve tried and it lasted about as long as my vow to give up Netflix. Sigh. Although perfection continues to elude me, I continue to work on reducing both my plastic and sugar habits.

You know I have to say it, “progress not perfection.” Go ahead, scream at the screen and tell me to stop saying that overused phrase!! Everyone says that and it’s getting annoying but truth does get annoying sometimes.

So, instead of an all or nothing, black or white approach to cleaning up our personal health and the environment (my perfectionist self loves some black and white), what if we just started making healthier choices little by little?

Now, instead of starting a new series on Netflix, I only watch movies that end in 90 minutes… not 3 season later at 3 am. That’s progress! I’m also using my fountain pen and the other hundred pens in our drawer instead of buying more flair pens. Go, me! Maybe today I’ll even remove that 12 pack of flair pens from my Amazon cart.

Yep, we might still find ourselves in a plastic or processed sugar binge (guilty) and we might try to fool ourselves into thinking those compostable plastic cups or zero calorie sweeteners are the solution (also guilty) but we know that the simplest solutions are the real answer.

Each time we make a simple swap to reduce plastic and processed sugar, we are taking action towards a healthier life. Hello progress, let’s dance!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on
  • Instead of the sweet, iced coffee in a plastic cup with straw… coffee with oat milk in a paper cup without a plastic lid.
  • Instead of individually wrapped snacks with sugar as the second ingredient… homemade oatmeal cookies.
  • Instead of fruit flavored yogurt in a plastic cup… plain yogurt in glass with cut berries.
  • Instead of taking the plastic bag at the store… carry those items in your arms, handbag or shirt.
Photo by Annelies Brouw on

Freedom is the power to choose healthy and let the FrankenMonsters gather dust.

Photo by Nina Uhlu00edkovu00e1 on

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