The kitchen trend few are talking about…

White, black, grey, navy blue and wood cabinets are trending in popular design pictures. Two tone kitchens are still trending. Farmhouse kitchens–from modern to traditional–continue to entice. Marble, quartz and soapstone love have replaced granite. Open shelves still looking good (but from an early adopter, my goodness they sure have an affinity for dust).

However, have you noticed the kitchen trend that is quietly showing up in designs but rarely featured? Yes, it’s the lack of upper kitchen cabinets!

Benefits of eliminating upper cabinets:

  1. No step stools needed to reach kitchen items
  2. Kitchen looks bigger
  3. Kitchen looks brighter
  4. More wall space for art, simplicity, windows
  5. Smaller environmental footprint

Downside of eliminating upper cabinets:

  1. Small kitchens may not have enough storage
  2. If cabinets are replaced with open shelves, the shelves and contents will collect dust.

Do you love your upper cabinets or ready to take them out?

Image link to Airbnb Plus townhouse in Antibes, France.

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