Healthy Organic Underwear for Women

We are strong women and who work to be our best and healthiest selves. We eat organic food, sleep on an organic mattress and use organic feminine products because we want to reduce our toxic load to live a long and incredibly vibrant life.

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So, naturally, we want to have the healthiest underwear that is comfortable, breathable and non-toxic.

Thinking healthy organic cotton undies will be looking like granny panties?
Think again!

Check out these super fun, fashionable, fabulous styles:
Pact Organic Cotton Undies

Pact: Organic Cotton Apparel
* Organic cotton lace underwear, boy shorts, sports bras and other apparel.
* Fit guarantee
Knickey Organic Undies for Everyday

Knickey: Organic Undies for Everyday
* Just comfy organic cotton undies… thongs, low, medium and high
Pansy Organic Cotton Underwear Company

Pansy: Organic Cotton Underwear
* Colorful organic cotton underwear and sports bras
Hesta Organic Cotton Menstrual Leak Proof Panties

Hesta Organic: Natural Product Co.
* Organic cotton menstrual panties and  regular organic cotton panties
* Washable organic cotton panty liners, pads and incontinence pads
Cottonique Organic Cotton Drawstring Boxer

Cottonique: Allergy Free Apparel
* Latex-free elastic
* Organic cotton underwear, sports bras and lounge wear

Did you notice these are all organic cotton? Are you wondering why I didn’t include bamboo? Read more about why silky, soft bamboo underwear is not a healthy option.

Know of another underwear company that is good for our personal and global health? Please share with us!

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