Blasting weeds with a shotgun?!

Ah, Spring! The grass is green, the leaves are unfurling, the birds are singing and the WEEDS are in bloom! Why, why can the tulips and daffodils not proliferate at the same breakneck speed as the dandelions?! Sigh. I suppose we’d have to start calling them weeds if they did.

Anyway, while some may love the dandelion as a beautiful and nutritious flower dotting their personal home meadows (me!), some may loathe those pesky yellow dandelion with their evil plans for yard domination.

Whether we’re a green-smoothie-loving “weedy” who wants to remove a few dandelions to consume (tea, wine, salad anyone?) or a green grass purist who wants to banish them into oblivion… maybe we all need a WEED SHOTGUN?!
Brian loves to blast those dandelions!

Check out Brian’s entertaining video here.
Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker blast weeds with several different brands here.

Happy Weed Shooting Y’all!
The NRRA Lobby
(Natural Resilience and Revitalization Appreciators)


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